Keen Halloween

I’m really proud to announce that Daniel Davis of Steam Crow fame, has asked me to be the official portrait photographer at his upcoming event KEEN HALLOWEEN! I’ve had the opportunity to know Daniel for several years now and this event will truly be something that you do not want to miss! I’ll have more details to come.


Time to dust this place off…


So after a few months off its time to get this place up and running again. It was bumpy there for a while, with a change of job, but it’s all good now. I’ve been out shooting more and I’d like to think that I’ve started to find a style that I like. I’ll be heading to London and Paris in just over a week so I’m very excited to shoot some street over there. Not only that, but I’ll be shooting with my new Leica M6 that my awesome wife bought for me!!!  I’ll be sure to get those shots up when I get back.

A New Edition

I have wanted one for years. A Leica M2. She may not be the prettiest lady around, but she is smooth. Ran a quick roll through yesterday just to make sure all was well, and I was stunned at the quality of the results. I’ll have a better review up after a few more rolls.


Last Light

Taken with a cheap plastic camera and even cheaper chinese film at Sunset.

Mel’s Dumpster

Found behind the diner off Grand Ave.

The White Van Film Shoot…

Filming in downtown…  I love the dude strutting in the middle…


Las Vegas. City of broken dreams…