Red Scale Love

When I first started shooting film I tried to take the time to learn and research about different types of films.  What the heck was the difference between Negative film and Slide film?  E-6….C41..?  It can be confusing for a beginner.  I don’t have the expertise to get into a lesson about film at this point, but I do want to share a type of film that I really enjoy shooting.  Red Scale Film. I love the color it produces!  The effect is done by shooting thru the back of the film.  There are plenty of tutorials on the net about how to wind your own Red Scale Film.  Or you can do what I did and just buy some.

The camera that I used for these shots was a Gakkenflex TLR.  It is a plastic kit camera that you have to assemble yourself.  It took about 2 hrs to complete but I absolutely love this camera.  I already loved shooting with a TLR and the fact that I built this one makes it so much more personal. If you have any interest in a small, cheap camera to shoot some fun pictures with I highly recommend the Gakkenflex.  But as you can see in these shots you will not get a super sharp lens or particularly good focus.  You will get vignetted, blurry shots, but teamed with the Red Scale Film I love the outcome. Red Scale Film is not great for all occasions but for trying something new out it’s a lot of fun.  Give it a try…


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